The Ohio County Project

The Ohio County Photo Project

The Ohio County Photo Project is an ongoing project that Mark Spearman is working on. It started in 2004 with a Minolta DiMage Camera and it will probably never end. The core idea is to spend a day in each of Ohio's 88 counties taking photos, then posting them online. The rules for this are wide and varied, sometimes not even sticking to the core. 

As it's evolved, the rules are more rules of exclusion. What the project is not, is a documentary on each county. Mark Spearman is a photographer, not a historian. There is no way these large geographic areas can be given full and accurate coverage by one photographer stopping by for the day. It's been fun to encounter people who want that to be the project. Perhaps it's best they themselves attempt that endeavor. 

Mark Spearman is just a guy with a camera wondering around aimlessly while trying to interpret what he took photos of when he gets home. Sometimes, the county he took a photo is in may not even be correct. There are so many critics to set the record straight that I don't worry about it anymore. 

Enjoy the project for what it's worth and come back often to see the progress or implosion. It's hard ot say what state it will be in at any given time.

Adams County, Ohio

Adams County is the first in this alphabetical trip through the 88 counties of Ohio. I learned right off that I love going to the Ohio River Counties. Covered bridges, river banks, and friendly small towns make for a pleasant day. 

Adams County, Ohio Video

Allen County, Ohio is the home of Kewpee Burgers, the M1 main battle tank, and more. The county seat is Lima and the County Court House is there. 

Allen County, Ohio Video

Ashtabula County, Ohio

Ashtabula County, Ohio is a Lake Erie bordered county. There are numerous covered bridges, a beach at Geneva-On-The-Lake State park, and more in this rural county. 

Ashtabula County, Ohio Video

Athens County, Ohio

Athens County, Ohio is the home of Ohio University. On the day I went to Athens County, Ohio, Nelsonville and Glouster were photographed. There is a covered bridge in the county and Athens County extends to the Ohio River. 

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